Practice Areas

Our attorneys specialize in many different areas of law in order to provide our clients with the confidence that their case is handled by an experienced attorney.

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Injury Litigation

Experience and reputation drive our litigation practice. Representing clients in the State and Federal Courts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we protect our client's rights and exceed their expectations. Whether by trial or amicable resolution, we strive to minimize the stress and cost of litigation for our clients while vigorously advocating for the most advantageous and expeditious result.

Business Law

Your business is our business. From the formation of a new company to any necessary litigation, we are keenly aware of the role that effective representation plays in the business world. We work closely with our clients to develop end-game strategies to enter the market and obtain results consistent with their business interests. With a proven record of success, we provide business-oriented representation backed by aggressive litigation skills.

Family Law

No area of the law is more emotionally charged than Family Law. We are sensitive to the added burden this puts on the client during legal representation. By providing strong legal counsel and guidance, we try to help ease the client through the challenges of divorce, custody, parenting time, domestic violence, adoption, DYFS, pre-nuptial agreements and support issues.

Criminal Law

You are innocent until proven guilty, and we make certain the State bears its burden of proof. From municipal court violations to indictable offenses, we aggressively represent our clients and protect their rights while they stand accused. Years of experience enable our attorneys to navigate the legal system and obtain fair results, ensuring that the client receives all of the protection afforded under the law.

Subrogation and Recovery

Our subrogation and recovery attorneys have extensive experience recovering first-party insurance payments that arise from casualties such as property damage resulting from fires, equipment failures, and water leaks. Our attorneys coordinate investigations and provide evaluations to claims personnel and consultants to recover viable subrogation opportunities. Our early involvement maximizes recoveries while reducing expenses by allowing our attorneys to perform, as part of our contingent fee-based services, investigative activities that otherwise would typically be outsourced to an hourly paid adjuster or expert.


Today's competitive business environment requires increasingly creative strategies to avert serious financial default. We endeavor to ensure that our clients are fully aware of how the bankruptcy process works, who is likely to take what steps, and how the client can effectively respond. The bankruptcy process requires strategic thinking aimed at achieving the desired result and steering all interested parties to agree to a mutually acceptable outcome with the most advantageous position possible for our clients.

Commercial Auto

By virtue of the fact that The Limitation of Lawsuit Option ("The Verbal Threshold") may not apply when a commercial motor vehicle is involved in accident, such vehicles can be targets in litigation. The Firm is adept in handling such matters so that weak claims are exposed as such and not given unfair consideration simply because The Verbal Threshold may not apply. The Firm works closely with accident reconstruction specialists so that a complete defense can be mounted.

Personal Injury Protection

The Firm knows that its clients are occasionally asked to pay unreasonable or unnecessary bills related to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefit claims. Thus, The Firm uses its resources to ensure that fairness and discretion are used at PIP arbitrations thereby ensuring that awards rendered therein are fair.

Workers Compensation

When handling workers compensation claims, The Firm is conscious of the client's desire for expeditious results and works hard to get the case ready for effective settlement discussions early so as to avoid protracted litigation.